SALVICS is made from selected twigs of specific willow trees cultivated by traditional farmers in a huge natural domain in Poland, tens of miles away from any industrial activity, and in a soil still very rich in minerals. The plantation and cultivation are certified organic. That is why Salvics is so pure, potent and healthy. It removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

1 gram of Black Bio Detox adsorbs 700 mg Nicotine or 754 mg Arsenic or 300 mg Methanol

Black Bio Detox First aid SLOGAN UK
Black Bio Detox Clean and Healthy teeth

Detoxifying your body of all toxins and bad bacteria is a challenge that requires a lot of endurance,
With Salvics you detoxify your body without doing anything, easy and very effective with amazing results.

Salvics is an activated charcoal extracted from the charred wood of the willow (salix viminalis)

Our activated carbon is 16 times more effective than the regular activated carbon that is for sale on the current market.
Salvics is Organic and therefore much purer and 16 times more powerful with fast results without doing much.

Salvics is used to treat poisoning or overdose of drugs. Now the Organic version is available and you have the assurance that you will receive a pure product and no risk of a chemical cocktail.


Activated Organic  Charcoal in its purest form without binders
and Organic Certified !
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